Introduction to the Sell More Online Podcast

Sell More Online Podcast
The Sell More Online™ Podcast is a new podcast aimed at helping small business compete with the big corporates – I want to help you to increase your online sales.

The tips and techniques we’ll cover will help you increase sales and lead generation, gather feedback and engage and create more value for your customers and yourself.

Who should listen to this podcast

This podcast is a good fit if this sounds like you:

  • You’re a full-time business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, professional author, or consider yourself self-employed in some way
  • You’ve already sold something to someone – be that products or services
  • You’re looking for a solid, real world actionable advice and tips on getting more customers in the door
  • You’re not here yet but you’re an action taker aiming to get here

Who should NOT listen to this podcast

This podcast probably won’t be an ideal fit if this sounds like you:

  • You’re a full-time employee with a part-time side business or nixer
  • You do not yet know what business you want to be in
  • You’re looking for a business opportunity or “bizop”
  • You want to work in network or multi-level marketing
  • You haven’t sold anything to anyone yet

Let me be clear: I’m not saying that there’s necessarily a problem with being in any of these situations, but just that this podcast mightn’t be as quite useful for you as it would folks in the first categories. It might be a little early for you to start implementing some of the things we’ll be discussing in the podcast, but if you find it interesting and useful, you’re more than welcome to listen on and I’d be delighted to have you be part of the community :)



Alastair McDermott is an online business and technology consultant specialising in helping small businesses and professional services providers to increase online sales by improving website conversion rates and bringing more visitor traffic. He has been building websites and software since 1996 and has co-founded several software, web and information based startup companies and has provided solutions for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Alastair is the author of Running a Website with WordPress: A Quick Guide for Business Owners, available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions. He blogs, and makes media of all kinds at WebsiteDoctor.

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